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yesterday, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou Customs Organization in our province shoe forum, by the impact of EU anti-dumping, 1 to November this year, our province exported shoes to the EU's volume year-on-year negative growth rate of more than 16%; and since June, 6 consecutive months of negative growth, negative growth in November the rate of more than 58%. "this year during the period 1 to November, 7 months of negative growth." Fuzhou customs official, which from June to November, 6 consecutive months of negative growth; last month, the export quantity of 5 million from the same period last year to double down 2 million pairs, the amount reduced from $34 million to $17 million, a decrease of half. and the office of fore cheap air jordans ign trade import and export department even bargain the responsible person said, in the EU anti-dumping investigation, on whether to grant the status of the enterprise market, there are 5 conditions, one of which is the financial management and international standards; however, most of the province's shoe enterprises financial management is not standardized, so my shoes to strengthen the internal management of enterprises. online shopping into 12315 complaints hot spots, online shopping crowd turned to B2C in March 15th, CCTV broadcast the "2008 annual consumer rights report", tells the story of such a case: Xiao Li lives in Fujian Quanzhou in a called "to profit five per cent of the shop, see a pair of women's shoes jordan 3 katrina 2018 is very good-looking, going to buy it for his girlfriend. This double label called "Anta" brand women's casual shoes, priced at 68 yuan, while the store sold 238 yuan, shop prices cheaper than half of the store, which makes Xiao Li a little tempted. Because of the price difference, Xiao Li was a little suspicious, and asked the owner whether the shoes are genuine. Shopkeeper to Xiao Li guarantee absolutely genuine, and said that if it is fake, then pay two times the price to Xiao li. Shop owner made a "false one, two compensation" commitment, Xiao Li did not hesitate to buy these shoes. Three days later, Xiao Li received the goods from the shop, but the quality of the goods made him suspicious. And Xiao Li's girlfriend wore shoes two days l cheap foamposites ater, feet even grinding bubble. Xiao Li doubted buy shoes are fake and shoddy products, will find the shop owner to request a return, but was the boss refused, insisting he is selling genuine, unless Mike can detect report took out the authority of the Department of shoes that is false, otherwise it can not be returned. Xiao Li to find the testing department to inquire about, a pair of shoes testing fee is better than several hundred dollars, and even with the test results, the shop owner does not return, where to find this online shop? Girlfriend advised him to eat a little loss, but Xiao Li really can not swallow this tone, to Quanzhou 12315 complaints. Quanzhou industrial and commercial inspection detachment through the network monitorin buy cheap jordans online g system to find the online shop, they sell goods for investigation. The site allows law enforcement officers surprised, very popular in this shop business, three computer field at the same time with dozens of buyers on the trading desk; mailing list shows, this shop every day there are goods sent, much of the day to send seventy or eighty pieces of goods. Law enforcement officers found that the scene dozens of pairs of orders are to be mailed, are nominal brand products. And after the investigation of the owner found that these shoes were all out of the factory B products. in fact, since the beginning of this year, online anti-counterfeiting has been more and more attention of consumers and related departments. In February 8th, Beij jordans on sale online ing industrial and commercial bureau Haidian branch investigated and dealt with a seller of nearly 10 brands of goods such as counterfeit LV and Dunhill. Because of the huge amount involved, the owner of the Taobao has been transferred to the public security organs for investigation. And not long ago, the same sale of counterfeit Nike, Adidas and other sports products in 4 young people, but also Beijing City Xicheng court sentenced to several years ranging from criminal penalties. and in January this year, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce in the 2009 annual working conference was put forward, in 2009 will focus on strengthening e-commerce monitoring capacity, curb online transactionsSports players released Winte jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black r 2010 adidas Originals Hardland BL rhinestone shoes 2010-07-19 10:36:19 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: different potential flow] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes network July 19 hearing, adidas Originals Fall 2010 Hardland BL announced details Buy Rhinestone shoes. Shoe body plus a diamond embellishment, Trefoil Logo gaiters and the tongue flashing silver fabric production, and then to a low-key black with a sense of luxury shoes also comes with 2 laces, one is black, the other is silver is expected in August landed flagship stores. Related newsInsta Pump Fury upgrade shoes InstaPump Fury Road was originally born in 1995. Born as a pair of running shoes for the road running, with air jordan 11 space jam for sale its extremely bold avant-garde design in the shoe body was impressiveness. InstaPump Fury Road Fury Pump to retains the Pump Fit technology, and then make improvement in Pump Fury shoe instep, palm location in the added breathable design, make shoes feel more forward-looking and sense of science and technology. 2015, Pump Fury Road finally returned, and in July will also release the first edition of black and white, priced at 1280 yuan. It seems like every Jordan Brand lovers have a Air Jordan 1 plot, this pair of classic shoes bearing the brand development is presented together with the Sneaker culture, but not every pair of Air Jordan 1 as far as possible the blessing of the classic elements presented earlier, launched the "Rare Air" inn Retro jordans for sale ovation type removed Wing Logo. But the official did not seem to stop the creation of the new color of the Air Jordan 1 also inherited this design. first note is to remove the Wing Logo shoe exudes a simple atmosphere, instead it is decorated with Air Jordan 1 words and letters on the heels of the impression, in addition to this pair of shoes is more to "follow Chicago" color, the iconic red and white, black "Swoosh" with all the classic details, with white bottom and red outsole, this design seems familiar. But Wing Logo cancelled for fans to Different people, different views. whether good or bad. On this pair of shoes is not yet clear available information, please look forward early March, NEW BALANCE is held in London in 2012 the n jordans on sale mens ew exhibition, in addition to exhibit some of the Games inspired styles, together with more show preview of the new winter quarter, for the fans is a feast for the eyes of the exhibition. notice last show reports of friends should be noted that there is a named " FARMERS MARKET" M577 New Balance Flimby Factory series, the location of Cumbria (Cambria) for the creation of hair, and agriculture and animal husbandry industry in the area of Cumbria also has a dominant position, in view of this, the M577 series also named " FARMERS MARKET" color, fabric, of course, cannot do without the farmers, animal husbandry industry color. Here is the way, once seen on a web site (specifically forgotten), had said that there is a part of farmers is to New B Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale alance shoes for operation equipment, according to reports also said that farmers are very practical, strong shoes are relatively more portable, buy a pair to wear several years of argument. If it's true, then they should also support the FARMERS MARKET M577... source: OVERKILL In February 14 converse Chinese and Western Valentine's day, released the Chuck Taylor All Star 2014 spring shoes shoes don't colorful geometric series, to meet the spring quarter style, using fluorescent color colorful as the main theme, now into OPPLE visual art graphics, matching satin shoes, perfectly exclusive girls geometric color style. recently Nike engraved a lot of green color in electro-optic shoes, now we also saw the black / green color Nike Air Max optical Penny 1, mainly in the upper black nubuck leather as raw material, green marble texture collocation electro-optic Nike logo, air MAX unit, soft lining, tongue and crystal bottom. Specific release time is still unknown, like friends can pay attention to. Converse 2011 spring Road trip series Air Jordan II First Edition comments on last article: Converse 2011 spring Road trip series next: Air Jordan II First Edition Nike recently to $78 to launch a Vandal High scarab beetle green fluorescence burst crack Scarab don't injection shoes. The green fluorescence burst crack is really extremely eye-catching, the body of the shoe on the scarab beetle patterns indicate the source of inspiration for the Scarab shoes. green fluorescence burst crack injection shoes don't violence and aesthetics, VANS red and White Checkered Chukka : a comment on green fluorescence burst crack does not note a women's violence and aesthetics, VANS red and White Checkered Chukka with the sale period is approaching, the Kyrie 2 overwhelmed and new color real exposure, in addition to an iconic, similar to the in suit and tie and black and white tone cross straps, on the side of the shoe added mirage of decorative patterns; the color is expected on December 15 officially on sale, No. 819583-901, its whether is the first color is still unknown. Source: cjsolesThe will be officially on sale at the end of April, the red and blue collocation, the details of the paint gloss bring flash good highlights, the new color is worth looking forward to. item: 55088-606 release date: April 30thPrice:2015 the spring quarter, Skagway released a new version of tannic material and suede collocation is called! In this season's Skagway shoes are used on severe washing effect of tannin fabric build, heel and tongue parts using red and brown two versions, with denim and suede, filled with a strong texture. Look at it is a kind of visual enjoyment, this pair of Taylor is more than it is quite similar to the Chuck Skagway shoes had been in visvim major stores on sale. I don't think the Palestinian fight can resist such a pair of shoes! Xiao Bian said he liked it! 2015 spring and summer Skagway shoes, suede, suede and Excuse me, jacket?